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Finding a conversational rhythm is much easier when you come prepared with a few things to talk about on a first date. Be complimentary and normal , not overzealous. He was a genuinely nice person. He was a gentleman, and paid for my meal. But there was one thing that kept that date from going on to a second one: He talked about himself the entire time. Instead, I listened to his long and obsessive list of sports he liked, and how his current teams were doing. It drove me insane… and was a huge turn off!

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Go into the night with the goal of getting to know your date. Ask her conversation starters.

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Listen to her answers. Ask follow-up questions, like questions to get to know her. Both men and women have a fear of too much silence on the first date. Having a few first date questions in mind will help you find a topic and lead to a fun, effortless conversation.

Things NOT To Do On A First Date

One of the best places to start is with questions about her see tip 7 above. Here are some great, fun first date questions that can help you get the ball rolling: Even though you may not need them… plan out a few conversation starters.

Dating: dos and don'ts of the pick-up

But that rule is absolutely ridiculous, and the reason is simple: So call her the next day, and schedule your second date. Why should you do that? So keep the good impression from your first date, and keep in contact with your girl. So… your date has gone amazingly. You should go for a kiss on the first date… right? Put your arm around her.

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The above tip is great, but is by no means required. Check out these great posts to help you get the girl of your dreams. You can relax and enjoy your time with your girl. This is a chance for all that daydreaming to finally pay off.

Maybe even keep a few questions in mind just in case you need a lifeline. You can do all this before you even ask a girl out. Make sure your favorite outfit is clean. No matter what happens, you have to stay cool! Refocus your efforts on her. Leave your number with the host and go for a walk. In each issue of Eligible Magazine I am going to try my best and shed some light on the always daunting, sometimes elusive world of dating.

What not to do? Till this day the mysterious God of scents, has not revealed the combination. It always saddens me to think that this old fashion gesture is lost. Women are powerful, successful creatures and often times being over insistent on paying the bill can be insulting to a woman.

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Swallow some pride, go halfzies if she wants. One of the best things my parents ever did growing up and currently is every time we have a meal together, they have a question for the table: Talk about yourself a little bit, but be sure to be engaged and interested in what she has to say.

Or your next date for that matter.

I promise it will be what she thinks about before she falls asleep, and it will be what she tells her friends about the next day. You will cheapen your relationship before it even starts. But be a man, and get that kiss. Loved by fans all over the world for his blue-eyed soul vocals, freewheeling melodies, and earthy charm, singer, songwriter, and entertainer Michael Stagliano has enjoyed success and notoriety since breaking through in on ABC's reality television franchise, The Bachelorette.

Although he didn't get the girl, Michael won the hearts of fans and returned on Bachelor Pad 2 Summer only to have his heart crushed on national television yet again. Deciding it was a good time to share his passion for music and performing, Michael toured the continent showcasing his original acoustic music and in July released his self-titled debut EP album.

Michael has instantly established himself as more than 'just another guy on television' and is recently engaged to the love of his life. But, I want to give you an additional sentence or two about your dating […]. Eligible Magazine is a lifestyle magazine for urban men and women who want the best from their dating life, their relationships and themselves.